About the School

The Jason Lau Wing Chun Kung Fu Training Center is very different from most other martial arts schools. It was built from a vision that Sifu Lau carried with him for more than 20 years. Over a two-year period, Sifu Lau and his students built the training complex themselves, from the serene koi pond with trickling waterfall, to the sprawling backyard garden with its training decks and pagoda-style gazebo, to the massive six-story rappelling tower.

The school is also unique in its strict requirements for accepting students. Although anyone can apply for enrollment, potential students must pass through an interview process, wait for an opening, and, once enrolled, must prove their diligence during a six-month probation period before being officially accepted as students.

The students in the school function like a family. They all take responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the school, and they rely on one another for help with any problem, whether personal or training-related. On non-class days, students can often be found practicing with one another at the school that many consider their “second home”.

As a student continues to show his diligence and responsibility for the school, he or she may be chosen to become a disciple. Disciples are entrusted with more important responsibilities and are authorized to study weapons and the more advanced theories and techniques of the Wing Chun system.

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